Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) addresses the many problems of modern agriculture by utilizing the relationship between the farmer, consumer and the farm. A CSA program is a type of “cooperative,” where a consumer financially commits to a full season of produce months in advance of the start of the growing season.

Each week, during the season, members receive a variety of freshly harvested crops. Since nutritional values of produce declines greatly while on supermarket shelves, a member enjoys the freshest, most nutritious produce available – harvested daily for you and your family by the farm staff!

Join our CSA!

Your box of fresh produce will include a variety of fruits and vegetables. Our Harvest Calendar has a list of fruits and vegetables we will be growing this season and the expected harvest dates. Due to weather conditions beyond our control the dates of availability are subject to change.

Find out more abouty this great opportunity!  Contact Bambi Liss at Bambi’s Country Farm to find out how you can enjoy the freshest produce with our CSA Program.